Reinteract extensions are simply python modules. You may install them anywhere Reinteract can find them, but we recommend putting them in ~/.reinteract/modules/. For details on how to create your own add-ons, check out the tutorial.

Available Add-ons


from refigure2 import *
from numpy import *
t = arange(0.0, 2.0, 0.01)
s = sin(2*pi*t)
build figure():
    plot(t, s, linewidth=1.0)
    xlabel('time (s)')
    ylabel('voltage (mV)')
    title('A simple plot')
Embed a matplotlib figure, using functions from pylab.
Supports Printing and Sidebars
By Robert Schroll


from revis import *
build figure():
    a = gca()
    a.bgcolor = 'k'
    a.axis.axisColor = 'w'
    mesh = solidTeapot((32,32,80),
    mesh.faceColor = 0.4, 1, 0.4
    mesh.specular = 'r'
    ax.axis.xLabel = 'x-axis'
    ax.axis.yLabel = 'y-axis'
    ax.axis.zLabel = 'z-axis'
Embed a visvis figure. Visvis is a pure Python plotting library using OpenGL, allowing for fast 3D visualization.
Supports Printing and Sidebars
By Robert Schroll


Symbolic Math view in Reinteract.
By Jorn Baayen

Older Add-ons


paint images, GDK pixbuffs, GTK widgets and PIL images
By Mathias Hasselmann


Highlight regular expression matches
By Tero Jäntti


Integrate a Pigment canvas inside Reinteract
By Philippe Normand