Standard Python

Rather than using a specialized language, Reinteract uses Python. Almost all standard Python code works unmodified in a Reinteract worksheet. (Library support is more limited: not all of the Python standard library makes sense in the context of a Reinteract worksheet.)

Efficient Operation

When you make a change to a Reinteract worksheet, Reinteract is frequently able to only execute the portion you change rather than the entire worksheet. This greatly increases the efficicency of working on a calculation involving large datasets where individual steps in the calculation can take a long time to executes.

Inline and Sidebar Results

Reinteract isn’t limited to just text output; plots and other graphical displays can be embedded into worksheets as interactive controls. These controls can either be displayed inline or in a separate sidebar for convenient viewing along with the code that creates them.


The set of result types that are displayed graphically isn’t fixed; new custom result types can be added by deriving from the supplied CustomResult class.

Full Editor

The Reinteract editor provides all the features you would expect in a code editor, including syntax-highlighting, completion, and auto-indentation.


Reinteract worksheets can be grouped into “notebooks” which include multiple worksheets along with shared data and Python library code.